Why “Rolfing” or Structural Integration (the name Dr. Rolf preferred)

As I watch several people I am working with travel through the 10 sessions and experience how their bodies are changing (without them even realizing it sometimes) I am constantly reminded of one of the basic principles of this work.

The Body is Plastic.  The primary medium for this plasticity is the connective tissue matrix, the mysterious fascia which has moved to the forefront of bodywork and provides the key in releasing negative holding patterns which really are so very unnecessary.  Why do we feel we need them?  Why do we cling to these stuck patterns when we know the other side is so much freer and holds much promise if we would just breathe and allow the negative gunk to just float away and reorganize into a more pleasant pattern.

Rolf defined this plasticity as: capable of being de-formed and re-formed.  Webster defines plastic as: capable of being modeled, pliable, capable of change.

Rolf’s 10 sessions is the perfect way to experience this change in bodies and it is such a great feeling to be able to share this work with others.  If one gets off the table after a sessions and feels change, looks changed and moves in a changed manner — then viola – the body has changed the trick, I think, is allowing the monkey mind to accept the change and the new pattern which we all are extemely capable of doing if we dare to try.

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