Two days in a row two different people asked me if I have ever taken Valium.  No.  A cup of Yogi Bedtime tea knocks me out so I can’t really imagine what the “hard” stuff would do to me.  What I am is lucky that I do not experience any of the symptoms or qualities which would lead me to the point of having to take Valium.  Is it because I get massage and exercise regularly?   Am I lucky because I consciously choose to AVOID at all costs stressful and annoying people, places and things.  Who knows why.  The important thing I learned from these two conversations is that I am indeed lucky not to be dependent on any sort of drug to get me through the day. And am lucky to be given the opportunity to really see beauty in the environment on a regular basis, I make time for this.  Yesterday I was led to re-visit photography.

Years ago I was passionate about seeing things through my Pentax K-100 and would spend hours in the darkroom manipulating images in trays to see what I had captured on film.   Nowadays I spend hours on my computer trying to manipulate myself with “social network media” trying to see what I can capture.  By 5 o’clock yesterday I had had it.  Put my swim suit on, grabbed my camera, went to walk the beach in Makena, swim in the ocean and “shoot from the hip”.

Yesterday, I found Valium. For me it”s actually not a pill at all.  It’s an activity I thoroughly enjoy and can loose myself in, the still point, homeostasis.  Holding a camera does this for me. 

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Looking at things through all the layers they posess is the ultimate journey for me. 

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