Two and a half weeks

Seems like I’ve been on Maui for years and actually it’s only been two and a half weeks.  The trials of the bodywork profession come into play when the business side sets in and all I would rather be doing is working on people on my table rather than marketing myself.  So now, I pretend the keyboard and internet marketing game is the person on the table? It’s a stretch but I’ll give it a shot.  The obsession is when you actually get a person on the table and wahoo – they actually begin to feel a difference in their body after a couple sessions — that happened this week and lemme tell you it is awesome!

Last week I was fortunate to hang out with about 23 horses and a group of chatty barn cats and am dying to get back to them and see how this whole horse massage haunting is going to turn out.  Since ’96 I have mused about the possibility of being a equine massage therapist but since I wasn’t fortunate enough growing up a “horse person” I never saw the path.  So now my mission is to transform into a “horse person” and see how it goes.  After working on hundreds of people, many who can’t seem to “feel” the deepest of pressures it was so different to rub these horses and see (and feel) just how in-tune and sensitive they are to their bodies.  What is it? They weigh easy about 1500 lbs and the lightest touch gets a response from them…..I think I will be learning infinite amounts from these horses.

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