Suddenly July came to a slow roll….

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Where’d everyone go?  Is the doom and gloom of the “way the economy is” really going to bury everyone before we even try to over come this strange money lesson we are being forced to learn?  So many ways to answer that question.

I always seem to get interesting commentary from some people I massage.  Sometimes a stream of consciousness seems to start flowing – perhaps emotion and thoughts really are stored in the fascial tissue and this is one way of releasing it.

Recently, one client was talking about how he had seen a program on “Through the Worm Hole?” which dealt with power centers on the earth and how great feats could be accomplished by organizing groups of people to focus their attention on the same thing and thinking the same thing in these groups can actually cause the event to happen.

Immediately I thought that that is exactly what everyone in the world is doing….thinking how absoulutely crappy the US econmy is, how it is only headed for worse times and impending doom , we will ever be able to turn it around? Not likely seems to be the general consensus.  Well NO KIDDING!!! If MOST people are thinking the worst is going to happen then guess what? The MOST worst thing will in fact occur.

Here’s a thought — how about for starters EVERYONE starts thinking the best is going to happen and then with hard work and the logical steps dig ourselves out of this “depression”.

So today I walked to the top of a mountain, talked with God in the engulfing clouds, spoke to someone I love, kissed a horse, learned an old friend has cancer and continued to remain positive.  Join me in being positive for a day, let’s see what happens.

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