So sexy on Maui but such a pain in the neck…

The neck tie of a halter top irritates the spinal vertebrae C6, C7 and sometimes T1 causing neck and shoulder pain and even headaches.

The Sexy Halter Top can be leading to your neck and headache pain.

No doubt about it, halter tops are easy on the eyes.  Whether it’s a top, a dress or a bikini the style is very attractive, in demand and painful.

English: Halter neck
English: Halter neck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t have one on for longer than a minute before ripping it off as the neck tie  digs cruelly into my spine.


As a Mobile Massage Therapist on Maui I get to see immediately what these tight ties are doing to women on a regular basis.

Most women get undressed from their bathing suit to get their massage after telling me their main areas of tension which are most likely neck, shoulders and tension headache.  I am never surprised when I un-drape their back to begin the massage and see the large red indentation the halter neck tie has been tormenting them with.

I decided to Blog about it and found that there are a few solutions out there other than simply wearing a bandeau or bra style top which are nowhere near as seductive as the halter.

I had no idea that some clever people have come up with a solution for the pain in the neck halter top syndrome.  I just ordered some (and now have to buy new halter top suits to replace all the ones I gave to Good Will).

Mobile massage on Maui offers solution for bathing suit neck pain offers a solution – check out their video
Mobile massage on Maui offers solution for bathing suit neck pain
Joanne in Canada has a handcrafted fabric solution

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