Rolfing in Canada Rolf Method on Maui

A visitor traveling to Maui from Canada contacted me prior to his trip to see if I could do session 6 of the Ida Rolf 10 Series of Structural Integration while he was on vacation in Kihei.  He was currently working with a Rolfer in Edmonton and didn’t want to miss his weekly session while he was on Maui.  His Rolfer went on-line to find someone who was doing the same Ida Rolf Method of Structural Integration he was doing and found me.

This is when the field of bodywork gets interesting and fun to be involved with.  When the ego takes a back seat and the practitioners of the work realize that they are not the ones creating any magical changes for anyone.  The changes come from the person on the table and the power of the work itself, especially the powerful 10 session Recipe which Ida Rolf was led to develop so long ago.  No matter which school you studied at, The Rolf Institute or The Guild for Structural Integration, as long as you learned the Ida Rolf original 10 session Recipe the work will be similar.

I don’t know the Edmonton Rolfer but believe he and I must share similar ideas about the 10 session Recipe.  The Recipe is powerful and if you stick to the system of the Recipe the changes will occur.  He trusted me to deliver session 6 which in turn will set him up for session 7 when his client returns from his Maui vacation.

“I saw Laura while in Maui, while on vacation. I have been taking a series of neuromuscular treatments known as rolfing, and I contacted her because she did something very similar – neuromuscular treatments known as the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. I don’t understand the politics but found her treatment great.  She worked on my legs and my back. Her treatment has relieved my limp, and helped relieved my back strain. I would recommend her to anyone in the Maui area.  She also provided massages for two of my daughters and my wife. All were thrilled – my wife said this is the best massage she’s had in years.” Dr. Barry Lycka

It was wonderful to do session 6 with Barry and experience just how powerful the Recipe is.  Dr. Lycka is finding that the Ida Rolf 10 sessions is helping him recover from chronic muscle contracture in two of his limbs and in only 5 sessions prior to our meeting has noticed a marked difference in the muscle strength and mobility of his right arm and leg.

Ida Rolf had this to say about the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, “This is the gospel of Rolfing: When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through.  Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.”

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