Reflexology/CranioSacral sessions in Kihei, Maui

Lately I have been working with a woman staying at Kalama Heights Retirement Community in Kihei, Maui.  I admire her for acknowledging the fact that as we get in our later years living within a group of people with similar goals and interests is most likely a better option than dealing with the regular upkeep of a house and property.  She has begun her search by staying a month at Kalama Heights and will continue to search until she finds the perfect place.

It is wonderful that Kalama Heights offers monthly rates to seniors wishing to come visit Maui for vacation or as in her case to check out the facility and possibly make it their new home.

She is very young for her calendar years, active and realizes that Bodywork is really more health oriented rather than just a luxury.

The sessions we have been doing in Kihei, Maui are a combination of Foot Reflexology and CranioSacral Therapy.  She is reporting much relief and noticeable difference from the sessions.  And I, as always, am learning much from her through the sessions.  The sessions with her are leading me deeper into studying CranioSacral Therapy and how profound its effects are with very subtle movements.

Skull bones
Skull bones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The skull/cranium is one of the main (not only) areas touched in a CranioSacral Therapy session.  By gently, using 5 grams of force, touching the individual bones of the Cranium they are allowed to breathe which in turn allows a freer flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid and ultimately release fascial restrictions along the spinal membranes.  The brain and spinal cord are command centers, by using CranioSacral Therapy we target the brain and spinal cord allowing huge changes to be made in an individual’s entire body system.

The more I work with CranioSacral Therapy on Maui the more I fall in love with the modality.  Its effective while at the same time feeling wonderful.  I offer a little more explanation on my web-site

As a bodyworker on Maui I recognize that I need the work in order to deliver excellent work to my clients.  So as I search for a therapist to receive CranioSacral Therapy from in Makawao or any other UpCountry location I am finding it difficult to find someone to book with for this week but will continue to search and receive this wonderful work myself.

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