Reflexology in Kaanapali and Wailea yesterday

Interesting to me that I was called to give two Reflexology treatments yesterday in Kaanapali and Wailea.  It’s interesting because the last week of September is World Reflexology Week.  I knew the week existed (and has since 1998 when the International Council of Reflexologists declared it so) but I did NOT know that the Governors of Hawaii and Washington have both made it official in their respective states.

Now, the MOST interesting thing about yesterdays treatments was what my first client at the Westin Kaanapali Resort Villas told me about her search for a Reflexologist on Maui.  She eventually did a Google search and found my web-site (again, thank God for the internet).

Prior to the Google search she had asked the Concierge if they could recommend a Reflexologist for her.  The Concierge told her that there wasn’t a single Reflexologist on the island.  She continued by saying the only thing she could receive at the Resort Spa for was a pedicure (I’m sure the Spa Helani appreciates this kind of advertising) and they didn’t offer Reflexology there. The Concierge was positive that there was not one person on the island who was a Reflexologist or offered Reflexology treatments on Maui.

I’m here!  I’m here!  I am a Reflexologist, living and practicing in Maui.  I was trained by Bill Flocco who I consider to be the best Reflexologist around.  Again, I thank God daily for the internet and it’s ability to connect people to goods and services that they are looking for.

Hard to say what was going through this particular Concierge’s mind but I would imagine the best in customer service and satisfaction would have been to do a simple Google search and help find a Reflexologist for the guest before discounting the idea all together and claiming that no one on the island offered Reflexology.  Or at least phone the Spa Helani to see if any of the Massage Therapists there could give a Reflexology treatment.

Has Apathy trumped Customer Service these days?

The whole scenario kind of blows my mind a little, especially since Hawaii is one of the states who has an official Reflexology week in place.

Maybe I should track down that Concierge and give her a Reflexology treatment during the last week of September…

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