Recover like an Olympian get some Massage Cupping on Maui

If you’re watching the Olympics (or ever go on the internet or watch the news or look at a magazine or go on instagram…) you have now been introduced to this mysterious thing called “cupping”. You’ve seen the marks (WHICH ARE NOT BRUISES) and heard about the benefits but have no idea how to try it.  A couple of options is either Acupuncture or find a Masseuse certified in Massage Cupping (like me)!

Acupuncturists have been practicing cupping for centuries and usually incorporate heated cups during the treatment.  Massage Therapists usually rely on the vacuum cups to help release fascial adhesions and stagnation within the muscles and lymphatic system.

The marks are created by “parking” the cups on an area of skin for several minutes, depending on what is going on in YOUR particular body a mark MAY or MAY NOT appear. To avoid having marks the cups can be kept moving during a Massage Cupping Session which promotes profoundly deep relaxation (most often resulting in drooling while on the table) and increased blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

In my opinion it’s awesome and a no brainer if you want to feel better, relax and speed up the recovery process of muscle soreness and tightness.  Massage Cupping is easily integrated into a regular massage session either having just a little on your back or a full body massage cupping session is great too.

The video below is a good tiny intro but the best way to experience the cups and become a “cupper” is to get a Massage Cupping session as soon as you can.

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