My Maui Mobile Massage YELP video preparation script

So I decided to jump on the advertising band wagon with YELP.  With my year long (kinda expensive) ad campaign I get a professionally produced 60 sec video spot which will be shown on Yelp business place page.

The hardest part of the whole thing is the part where I have to be on camera and speak (so much for my Howard Fine acting training, decades ago in Los Angeles).

First I decided to pick a beautiful spot which would relieve the pressure from being on camera.

Olowalu pier is the location I chose.  A client was married there and seeing her pictures on FaceBook made me decide to use this location.  The pier is next to the Olowalu Plantation House which is a popular West Maui spot for wedding ceremonies.

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Here’s the script I came up with so far.  The shoot is Thursday so we’ll see what happens.

“Maui OutCall Massage is the mobile Bodywork service I provide island-wide on Maui.

Customer service is a priority when I deliver Massage, Reflexology, CranioSacral or the Rolf Method of Structural Integration to you.   If you’re uncomfortable on my table then I have failed.

When a customer calls me they can expect individualized attention from a highly skilled Bodyworker who is passionate about the work they do.  Customers return for consistency, results and great work.

I listen to what you want and how you want to feel.  Would you like to feel your muscles lengthen and release tension with a lighter circulatory massage?  Do you want to feel expansion in your cranium with some focused craniosacral work?  Would you like ultimate relaxation which drops you to that state between sleep and wake with reflexology?  Do you want to feel your muscles deeply manipulated and released with some deep tissue work?  Do you need to be stretched or looking for a sports massage? Or are you looking for a total re-balancing of your structure for which the Rolf Method is perfect.

My philosophy is that the body on my table is the most important element in the session, I am not merely putting a routine on you, I am working with your body – YOU are ultimately guiding the session.

I am best known for listening to what my clients ask for and designing a custom session for them.  No two sessions are the same, unless you want that.

I use my hands a lot throughout the session – not just elbow crushing into tissue – I focus on moving tissue, fascia back to where it needs to be so your body can move more freely.

Mobile service allows you to maintain the effects of your session rather than losing most of it by jumping into your car to drive home.

What makes Maui OutCall Massage unique is the quality and value of service and skill which is delivered to you.  This is reflected in my pricing and 16 years of professional experience ranging from working with bed-ridden to elite athlete clients and everywhere in between.

Whether this is your first or 500th bodywork session, Maui resident or visitor, I can guarantee you will feel good in your skin again after a custom session with Maui OutCall Massage.

You can choose Maui OutCall Massage with confidence that you will get exactly the type of Bodywork session you are looking for.

Call today for an appointment – I look forward to working with you.  You will not be disappointed.”

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