Most powerful touch received in my Kahului Bank

Most often the most healing and powerful forms of touch come at the most unexpected times and places.

I had contemplated getting a massage today but since arriving in Maui last year I have succumbed to the same phobia that my favorite Massage therapist in Los Angeles, Elijah Trotsky, suffers from.  As he so eloquently put it to me once, “I’m just so afraid Laura that it will just be a horrible experience of someone slathering oil on me, just surface rubbing without any knowledge or focus on areas of distress.”  Not to say I haven’t found a couple bodyworker’s on Maui that are terrific but still I am looking for someone on par with Elijah.

Anyway, today I was touched profoundly by an adorable toddler girl while standing in line at my bank.

She was behind me in line wandering around, leaning on the ropes while her Grandpa was trying to fill out his deposit slip and worrying about where she was.  She was the cutest thing, one big smiling, happy face while she skipped around.  Not screaming or crying, actually the only sound she made was a soft little giggle as she hopped around staying close to her Grandpa.

She seemed to embody a quality of life that most of us have forgotten how to keep with us as soon as we hit age five.  After I waved and said hi to her, she beamed a huge smile at me and brushed past me pausing momentarily to place her palm on the band-aid which was on my shin.  She didn’t even look at me after she did this.

I can still feel the touch of her tiny little palm and how quickly and softly she placed her palm on my leg and kept moving on.

It’s been six hours since I was in the bank with that little girl and I can still feel her palm on my leg.  How’s that for some mana.

How many times do we pause to do that to one another?  Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually touched each other in some kind manner?  What kind of world would that be?

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