Mobile massage at the Westin Ka’anapali Villas leads me to Foundation Training

Foundation Training
From Pain to Performance


This is a mighty statement but one that is backed up strongly by the work Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park have put together.

I love how the information trail works sometimes.

The other day I gave some massages to a couple vacationing on Maui for their honeymoon.  They were staying at the Westin Ka’anapali Villas (one of my favorites).  Turns out the new husband was a California Chiropractor and had some great information to share with me.  As I was leaving he briefly told me about Foundation Training and that I should check it out.  A chiropractor buddy of his had told him about it.  He said he was doing the exercises daily and definitely noticed the difference they were making in his body.

As soon as I got home I looked up the site and was immediately impressed.  I fumbled through the free Foundation Training: 12 minute for Lance Armstrong and Doug Ulman.  It’s challenging but not impossible and by day two it wasn’t as hard – challenging yes because it is VERY effective.

I ordered the dvd and the book which are a steal at sixty some odd dollars (shipping to Maui makes it more than other states of course so if you’re on the mainland it’s even cheaper) to build a better set of back muscles (which is actually the strength of your core) and alleviate back pain, that’s a no brainer.

I’ve been telling EVERYONE I work with about it and hoping they will take the time to try it on for size and see how it works.  The curious thing to me is how the people I meet with back pain seem resistant to try it.  I’m actually giving them something they can do for FREE, conveniently at home or at work on a regular basis to help get them out of the pain cycle and they don’t seem to want to try.  Interesting.

What I think is most helpful about this Foundation Training (besides being effective).  Is that you don’t need to go anywhere, no need for special clothes or equipment (stilettos may not work) and a 12-18 min session is very effective.  Essentially you can get up from your desk at work/home, take a break and do the routine, sit back down and start working again only now you will feel better. Not only will you feel better but you will be avoiding the hunch and rounded shoulders that so many of us are now developing as we spend longer and longer hours at the computer and less and less time doing any sort of physical activity.

What are you waiting for.  Take a break and try it out.  It’s free and right in front you on your screen.

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