Maui Mobile Massage

Providing In-Room Massage and other forms of Bodywork modalities on Maui is definitely a great way to spend my days here.  I get to see all the awesome resort settings and help guests and locals alike get rid of some very unnecessary pain and stress.

The other day I worked with a client at the Honua Kai Resort in Ka’anapali and I must say the three bedroom suite in the North Tower gives a spectacular view from the lanai – definitely one of my favaorite places to give a relaxation massage on Maui.  The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa is another one of my favorite places to provide Maui Mobile Massage, it is simply that, Grand.  But what makes both these places favorites is the great Valet and Front Desk staff both these resorts have – they are all extremely friendly and helpful.  The Grand Wailea staff even gave me a water when I picked up my car!  Happy to be living and working in Maui for sure.

The client I gave an in-room mobile massage to at the Grand Wailea is a perfect example of why I choose to provide Mobile Massage here on Maui.  She relaxed completely and was looking forward to crawling into her bed to nap after the massage.  She even commented on how much a treat this was going to be (her husband set it up for her) because it was the first time she didn’t have to worry about what she looked like after the massage because no one was going to see her leave a spa setting.  Exactly the feeling I am going for.  You don’t need to see or talk to anyone after you get worked on, just relax, allow your body to recalibrate  and rejuvenate achy muscles.

Therapeutic Massage can sustain you through the rough patches of life and definitely help rid you of many aches and pains.   I am beginning to see it as a definite asset in today’s world which seems to be searching for more effective ways of creating sustainable lifestyles and ways of living.  Starting with our bodies seems to be the most vital launching ground for sustainability.  I’m fascinated by this growing trend of sustainability on Maui and am going to keep exploring.

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