Maui Massage and Humpback Whales – why I do what I do

Why did I drive 25,685 miles last year delivering Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology or the Rolf Method of Structural Integration to people on Maui???

Because it’s fun and I  get responses like this:

I was visiting Maui and found Laura on the internet. She arrived  just as she said she would at my condo in Kapalua. I had one of the best massages I have ever had in my life. She’s amazing and  really loves what she does and it shows. 

Thanks so much Laura.  Sincerely John Ross –Vancouver B.C.

Years ago one of my favorite teachers, Carol Osborne, explained why she continued after 30 some odd years to work in the Bodywork industry and I thoroughly agree with her.  Don’t quote me but  I remember her saying that in a world where there are many stressful and chaotic events it felt good to be able to do her part by providing a peaceful space in which a person can release some of this tension.  This is why I continue this work and feel that it does make a difference in the world.
And I get to see the whales when they come to Maui!!!
flickerwhalebreach has great whale photos
In February I went on the Ultimate Whale Watch Tour on Maui – the BEST whale watch tour company.   Here are some pictures my friend took while we had the most incredible experience with a competition pod and a playful juvenile humpback swimming under the boat!
juvenile swimming under the boat

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