Massage in Maui can help you…

but then, most of the time people actually ENJOY their misery.

You know how you feel when you’re muscles are all bound up with stress and tension? Or when your shoulders are way up in your ears, your back is all hunched over, your arms ache from too much computer work and your legs tense with each step because of constant driving and sitting at a desk?

Well, what I do is help free your muscles from the tight fascial casing which is preventing free flowing movement throughout your body.  I use different bodywork modalities to achieve the same goal which is freedom within your body’s structural pattern so that you feel lighter, strong, more focused and dynamic.

Or I can simply help you alleviate the nagging “sciatica” which has been haunting you for too many years.

The other day in the laundromat I was next to a man who was going on and on about his “sciatica”  (Massage, Bodywork, stretching and exercise do wonders for this condition especially if the root cause is muscles impinging the nerve and not a slipped or herniated disc).  So, I offered him my card and spoke a little about the roles of muscles in wreaking havoc on the Sciatic Nerve and how Massage can greatly ease his pain and sometimes even alleviate it for good.  I wasn’t trying to sell him on me and told him go to anybody for a massage and he’d feel better.  But he really didn’t want to hear any of it, just wanted to continue talking about the pain and how he’s had it for years.  He even mentioned he had gone to an acupuncturist once (once) who, “put the needles in the right places, felt better for a little while but then the pain came back.”

I learned a couple of things in that interchange.  The most important I think is that if someone says the pain went away for a while and then came back, aha, the pain is not permanent then is it.  You now know for a fact that you can release it from your body, so why give up?  One shot deals never work, change takes a little time especially when it is an injury or ingrained pattern in your body which is no longer needed and is just causing you discomfort.

But then where would you be without your complaints?  What would you talk about?  How would you live differently?  Could freedom be your new friend?

It seems like many people come to Maui and look to free themselves from the restraints of life on the “mainland” and want to experience more freedom (some people say healing) here while on vacation or even when they pack up and move here.  And then, some stay married to their misery.  I’ll stick with the people embracing change in their body, it’s much too beautiful here not to let your body release it’s own beauty.


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