In Room Massage on Maui

In Room Massage Maui
I bring the table to you.

Where is the best place to get a Massage or Bodywork treatment on Maui? In your room, on the lanai or by the pool at the house you are in.  Every day I travel to a new Vacation Rental House or Hotel on Maui and every day the setting is stellar.  There really is no better place to receive a Massage than in the comfort and relaxed environment of your own space.

The Ocean Front Polo Beach Club in Wailea is a fantastic setting for an in-room Massage on Maui.  The ocean waves and breeze only enhance the session and when you’re finished you can wander down to the ocean side pool for a dip or roll into bed for a nap – no need to drive or walk too far.

Why do I provide Mobile Massage on Maui rather than work in one of the large Maui Resort Spas?  I realize that many people are working hard on changing their bodies, reducing stress and relieving chronic injury patterns.  Not everyone is interested in the extras and “spa treatments”.

Many savvy bodywork recipients are looking for solid, effective and focused bodywork sessions – this is what I specialize in.  More value for your money is what I deliver and am happy to do so.



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