Ida Rolf’s Structural Integration on Maui

As I reread Job’s Body and Ida Rolf’s book on her life’s work of Structural Integration I begin again to realize why I don’t really relate to many Massage Therapists.  I am not practicing Massage as most ordinary Massage Therapists are.  I am practicing a style of Bodywork which is completely influenced by my studies with the Rolf Guild and Ida Rolf’s work.

Rather than to compartmentalize the body into separate muscles and units.  Such as claiming to be a “neck specialist” or “low back expert” I work with the entire system of someone’s body.  Where are the restrictions in the fascia which are hindering free movement within your particular pattern.  If I am a “neck specialist” what does that mean?  Does someone leave their neck with me for an hour, I pound away on it and then they return to pick it up and go on about their day?  Absurd premise don’t you think?  Your neck is intricately tied to your arms, your legs, your stomach etc.  Which is the main reason why the Ida Rolf “10 series” works every time.  Your ENTIRE system needs to be returned to the free-flowing pattern that it already knows how to live in.  So simple, so easy and so profound.

My basic Massage training at the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing in Los Angeles, CA was an excellent introduction to the BodyMind concept.  I never learned to compartmentalize muscles.  I was trained to look at a person’s ENTIRE system as one complete unit and to work accordingly.  Most other massage schools rarely embody this concept.

What am I trying to say?  The style of Bodywork I practice will absolutely, positively change your body back to its original intent of a free and dynamic pattern.  Why?  Because I focus my work on releasing the fascia tensions which are restricting the mobility of muscles.

The practitioner who performed my original “10 series” on me just added some interesting links on his web-site which I would love to pass along.  Did you know the Minnesota Vikings Football team has used Structural Integration for years?

Minnesota Vikings link

New York Times article

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