Golf – Tennis – Paddling – Tennis – Kite Surfing – Massage on Maui? – Get a Grip!

Maui Mobile Massage uses GripMaster
GripMaster – stronger injury free performance

My Mobile Massage and Bodywork Service on Maui is greatly enhanced by my regular use of the Prohands GripMaster and the various hand exercises I do with it.  Massage Therapy has been my profession since 1996, on Maui since 2011 .  As a professional bodyworker I am constantly training my muscles and looking for ways to strengthen the parts of my body which may fall victim to repetitive use injuries.  I approach Bodywork and Massage as a sport and follow a training routine for it.  Prohands GripMaster hand exercises are a major component to my training as well as cardio, yoga, full body stretching and strength training with weights and bands.  So far I have been injury free and plan on staying that way.

Massage and Bodywork as a profession means I use my hands a lot but who doesn’t?  Computer work and now the texting revolution ask a lot of our hands, fingers, forearms, shoulders and of course, necks!

So what are you doing to help yourself steer clear of repetitive use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome and good ol’ achy hand syndrome.

Massage on Maui uses the GripMaster
The GripMaster Pro will help reduce pain

For $20 – $30 and a little bit of consistency you can improve your game, whatever it may be.

Maui has a great Sports Authority which is where you can buy a GripMaster or you can to the Prohands online store.  Once you have the great little device you can go to the web-site and download a series of exercises which are easy to follow and detailed as to which muscles they are targeting.

GripMaster for Golf, Tennis, SUP and KiteSurfing on Maui
GripMaster for Golf, Tennis, SUP and KiteSurfing on Maui

What are you waiting for?  Get a grip!   If you are a Musician, Bartender, Food Server, Golfer, SUP Paddler, Canoe Paddler, KiteSurfer, Tennis Player, Bowler, Computer Worker, Texter, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Web Degisner, Cab Driver, Artist, Painter, Gardener, Laborer, Driver, Commercial Equipment Operator, Surgeon, Nurse or ____________ (fill in the blank) you owe it to yourself to purchase a Prohands GripMaster and let the improvements begin!   

ProHands by GripMaster didn’t get to be the #1 selling hand exerciser in the world by accident.  It is recognized as such because it works!  It works the best because it is designed to strengthen each finger individually.  But it can’t work for you unless you have one and do the exercises with it.  Try it and see.  I am positive you will agree with me on its effectiveness.

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