Get Married on Maui, but first get a Massage


As the owner and soul provider of service for I have had the pleasure of working with many people who have come to Maui in order to have their wedding ceremony here.

Most of the groups I have worked with were renting a large house for the entire wedding party and family to stay in.  A large portion of these houses were up Launiupoko in Lahaina (which is where these photos were taken).

The houses are beautiful, spacious and all come breathtaking views.  Why would you want to schlep everyone off to one of the luxurious spas along the coast for your pre or post bridal massage or bodywork treatments?

To me it makes much more sense to stay put in the luxurious house you have rented, receive your session outside near the pool or on one of the shady lanais.  When your session is finished you can make your way to the hot tub, pool, lounge chair (or hammock) without interrupting the relaxing state you are now in.


The real estate in Launiupoko is one of my favorites.  It’s peaceful and still with a captivating view of the ocean and Lanai and the rentals aren’t just for wedding parties either.

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