CranioSacral session at Lumeria, Maui…couldn’t ask for a better setting.

The other day I had the pleasure of working with a woman while she was staying at Lumeria Maui.   She had seen the following description on their Well Being Program Menu and decided this was what she wanted.  “Metaphysical: Energetic CranioSacral Originally developed by an osteopath, this treatment is based on restoring the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid between the cranium and the sacrum. The practitioner gently works with the spine and skull to help to ease restrictions in nerve passages, optimize the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord and restore the misaligned bones to their proper position, culminating in a profoundly restorative state. 

She booked me through the front desk at Lumeria for an on-site CranioSacral Therapy session.  As I was driving home after the session I felt like I should have paid her for the experience.

It was extraordinary to work with her and part of that experience is due to the setting Xorin Balbes has created.  If you don’t know the name he is worth reading about.

If you are savvy to conscious design and architecture, then you already know.

From the moment I drove on the property I felt peace and serenity, not simply because the space is on Maui but the design and flow of space simply evokes calmness and serenity.  I am sure a short stay or retreat at Maui Lumeria does wonders for the soul and spirit of a person wishing for renewal.

We used the yoga studio for the session which holds some very POWERFUL crystals.

After the session I met Xorin who was working with the plants and trees.  He asked me if the space had worked out ok for the session.  It did much more than that, it enhanced the session beyond measure.

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