charge back

Received a request for a charge back for service on my Square account today.  Was the session that great that is was erased from someone’s memory within a months time?  Wouldn’t you know it was the one person who I didn’t even write his name down or any other info.  A last minute appointment which I squeezed in when working on the woman whose house he was visiting — forgot my business keeping skills, allowed him to use credit card and now turns out the money will be returned to him.  Ain’t that something…….really, Mercury in retrograde until April 23 or is it just the way of life?

The more you allow and accomodate someone the more it turns around to bite you in the ass.  I have one number to call – the woman- to see if I can reach the person to REMIND them how I spent 90 minutes digging into their poorly maintained body, never deep enough for some, to allow them some sort of stress and muscle ache relief.

All to result in a charge back.



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