Bodywork…the trials, tribulations and sometimes the obsession

I entered the bodywork field in 1996 and am still drawn deeper into it on a regular basis. What exactly draws me to it? I’m not sure but this blog will be the perfect starting point to dissect the attraction. First off, let’s define bodywork…..Massage, Rolfing, Reflexology, Reiki and CranioSacral are the primary modalities I practice and I’m sure there will be others to add to the list. As I leave Los Angeles for the third and final time to re-locate to Maui (the third Hawaiian island I will inhabit) I thought it would be interesting to post in a blog format how the move and new business unfolds. Time and again clients ask me if “I got any good massage stories” and I seem to forgotten most of them but will post the new ones as the occur along with helpful hints – maybe a new stretch you can add to your routine, a new product that may be helpful along with inspiring photos of Maui. And as always a gentle reminder to get worked on, you deserve it!

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