Barry Nutter Rolfing Video KGMB TV Channel 9 Honolulu, Hawaii

I am always so impressed when a friend of mine is featured in the press promoting the work they do and have spent years perfecting.  I have mentioned Dr. Barry Nutter in a previous post when I met him at a Four Handed Rolf Method Class on Kauai and am happy to share a link to a video which featured him on the Honolulu, HI news

I learned a tremendous amount from him by his being in the class and am so happy he took the time to be interviewed and spread the word about the important bodywork Dr. Ida Rolf spent her life sharing with others.

In her book “Rolfing and the Physical Reality” Ida Rolf had this to say about the work, “Rolfing does not “cure” symptoms.  The goal of Rolfing is a more resilient, higher energy system.  The organism then is itself better able to defend against illness and overcome stress, and the greater energy does its own beneficial work in healing and relaxing.  Rolfing does not achieve perfection; it begins a process.  Its goal is to establish balance in gravity.  The ten-hour cycle is a first step in that direction.  Rolfing is an on going process that continues long after the work has been completed.  Bodies have a natural liking for comfort, ease and uprightness.  Insofar as they can experience it, they try to live in a place of balance.  In this place, the energy of gravity can flow with (not counter to) the energy of the individual.  Rolfing is a way of restructuring the physical body.”

As I work with several people through the 10 session Rolf Method of Structural Integration on Maui I see changes occur in their bodies as each session builds upon the next and allows balance to settle into their systems.  This process is powerful and continues long after the sessions have ended.  With every person I work with I can see and feel more and more what Ida Rolf was talking about and understand how she was drawn to continue deeper and deeper into the exploration of this work.

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