After a Mobile Massage in Kihei I went to the beach.

The other day I had and early morning mobile massage appointment at Kihei Shores.  I had a few hours between my next appointment and decided that after a year and a half of living on Maui, I would finally go in the ocean in Kihei.  Usually I go to Kapalua or Makena which are my favorites.

Many people staying in a condo in Kihei will book a massage with me and say they are right across the street from “Kam II” or “Kam II” which up until today has meant nothing to me.

So I parked my car and hoofed it up and down the street to figure out the lay of the land regarding the Kamaole beaches in Kihei.

I couldn’t have picked a better day — it was beautiful, calm and not too crowded for a June day even though several summer camps had made their way to the beach parks.

I FINALLY went in the water in Kamaole III and swam for a while.  Just the way I like the ocean to be.  It was calm, clean, warm and not too many rocks to dodge.

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As I was drying off after my swim a local girl started talking to me, the conversation went something like this.

Girl “Are you from here?”  Me “No. Not from here but I live here now. Did you grow up here?”  Girl “Yes. In Makawao and Wailuku.”  Me “I live in Makawao it’s beautiful up there.  And today is the first time I’ve gone in the ocean here at Kam III, that’s bad isn’t it?”  Girl, her eyed widened and then she said, “No.  It’s not so bad if you live here but if you’re visiting then that would be kinda bad.”

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