A day of Soul Collage

The other day I took a Soul Collage class led by Beth Marcil in Makawao which is fast becoming my favorite town on Maui.  I decided to take the class for a couple of reasons but mostly because Beth’s art is fantastic and I knew the class was going to be great after studying her web-site (http://www.bethmarcil.com).  And it definitely was an extraordinary experience.

After abandoning art for so many years it was a relief to be once again inspired to create something.  To get lost in the creative process and lose track of time was what has been missing in my life for some time now.

Before I knew it five hours had passed and I didn’t want to stop what we were doing.  I used to feel this way while creating a painting but now those feelings of timelessness are rare.  I experience this creative “zone” during most Massage or Bodywork sessions on Maui but it’s different.  I lose track of time and fall into a time warp, those precious sessions really are determined by the person I am working on.  It was refreshing to experience this feelings with images again.  I used to clip images and arrange them into a “story” I would paint and then journal the story but that was years ago.

How does the creative process relate to Bodywork and Massage?  Well, in my opinion they are one in the same thing.  A successful Bodywork session is when the person on the table and the therapist are both focused and intent on creating freedom within the particular structural pattern of the person lying on the table.

Rather than a cookie cutter series of moves or focus of pressure on a particular muscle unrelated to the rest of the body this valuable freedom is created through intention of freeing the structure and moving energy through the body.  How you do it becomes secondary (I’ve been told Ida Rolf’s main mantra was to forget about technique, move tissue where it’s supposed to be and get it to move).

Every day I work with someone in a Bodywork session I am thankful for the original Massage teachers I had with my introduction to the Art of Practicing Massage.  The main focus was intent of purpose and the creativity related to working with someone in a Massage Session which makes a difference when receiving work from someone who studied at my school vs. other schools.

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