Four Handed Rolf Method Class on Kauai

I have just completed the best bodywork course since beginning my Massage studies in 1996. A four handed Structural Integration course given by the Rolf Guild on Kauai has just ended and I am eager to get back to Maui and put into practise my newly learned information and skills.

Of course the class was far and above being average because of the wisdom Emmett Hutchins is capable of imparting. He is one of the remaining five original teachers hand picked by Dr. Ida Rolf to pass on the culmination of her life’s work. Ida Rolf instructed him to give meaning to the Recipe and ensure the integrity of it remained. Ida knew that many practitioners would alter the Recipe and begin to change what she had dedicated herself to preserving and passing on. She knew that the recipe worked and changed bodies for the better. Ida also knew that the ego shows up in many practitioner’s causing them to change a few things, rename someone’s work, call it their own and somehow this makes them feel a little bit better about themselves.

Dr. Ida Pauline Rolf
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The Recipe is what makes a practitioner from the Rolf Guild able to assist a body to unwind and change in many ways. The Recipe holds the key, experience the 10 series and you will understand what I mean.

Amber Leigh Burnham and Ken Solin assisted the class providing immeasurable help at all the right times. These two along with Emmett have also dedicated their lives to preserving the Recipe. This class reinforced my committment to the Recipe as well. Since beginning my Rolf Method studies (which included receiving the 10 series for the first time in 2005) I have known that the only thing making this work unique and more effective than the multitudinous modalities of bodywork which exist is the 10 series Recipe.

Until an individual receives the 10 series in completion the body will remain “random” rather than “ordered”. From an “ordered” body an individual will be able to evolve in a more ordered manner and structure affecting all areas of life. What a blessing.

Jules Harris from Haiku, Maui attended this class also. How great it would be to be able to do four handed work with Jules on Maui. Even better to be able to receive the work from Jules and myself.

Another classmate I was fortunate to meet with and work with was Dr. Barry Nutter ( from Oahu. He received his original 10 series from Dr. Rolf herself. He had great stories to tell of studying with Ida as well as experieces he has had from his 30 plus years of practising “Rolfing”. To hear him say that he his a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Homeopath and Rolfer and always comes back to Rolfing as the solution and his primary method of treatment really says something about the effectiveness of the work.

I was lucky enough to be able to do a four handed 3 series of sessions with Barry outside of class on Kauai and the changes this woman’s body made in the short period were visibly noticeable to us and her. She had already received the 10 series so her body was no longer as random as others so the changes happened quickly.

I could go on and on about the four handed workshop but for now I’ll stop and get back to the Recipe later.

75 plus years combined Rolfing hands on experience
Amber & Barry (Ken in background, always on his "line")
Me & Barry after Rolf Guild class on Kauai


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