The internet isn’t the only thing cats are winning…

Cats win at the art of mesmerism. The more I learn about Hypnotherapy, (which is similar but different than Mesmerism), the more I see how capable cats are of mesmerizing things into their submission. Hypnosis uses words to create a trance like state while Mesmerism rarely uses words and is more characterized by something like laying of hands, hand stroking or the simple feline stare will work.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. My purpose for studying and beginning a career as a hypnotherapist was never to control people. My purpose is to help people help themselves and achieve a goal they’re striving for in a direct manner. We all have the answers within ourselves it’s just a matter of asking the right questions and uncovering the answers.

Cats, no doubt could care less about any of that. I have learned over the past eight years, as I was hypnotized into being a cat servant, that they are masters at getting what they want and need.

I never sought out to have cats. The apartment I moved into actually came with a cat Sarah, essentially it is Sarah’s apartment. My landlord’s cat Tito decided he liked sleeping on my bed so he began spending more time with me. Then three years later when I returned from a trip two kittens were on the property and they decided that I was a suitable waitress and hairdresser for them too. So now there are four felines who monitor my moves and demand things from me with a steady stare and silent Meow (the mouthed kind which indicates I really should know better than to have them make the effort to speak).

They mesmerize me into doing exactly what they want. And then they wander off until the next desire begins to haunt them.

Franz Mesmer from the 18th century is a fascinating and somewhat tragic figure to read about. He was healing people with this so-called animal magnetism technique he was using but he really didn’t know how to verbalize what he was doing or what the “science” behind it was. When a Royal Commission investigated what he was doing they saw that he was healing people but that his reasoning behind it was unbelievable and in their opinion whacky. He was labeled a charlatan which lead to his discouragement of further practicing his medicine. Some say this Mesmerism is a precursor to modern day Hypnotherapy practices.

There is much more to the story surrounding Franz Mesmer than the tiny paragraph a just wrote but this post is about cats being master manipulators by using mesmerism. I encourage you to read further about Franz Mesmer and see if I’m right about cats.

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