P90x got rid of my back pain…

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No kidding!

Yesterday morning after lounging in bed reading I tweaked my back bending down to get something out of my kitchen cabinet.  Half-way down the cramp seized up on the left side of my back causing me to wince, gasp for breath and hobble over to a chair to try to re-group.

I had massaged someone the day before who was experiencing the same sort of pain – painful to breathe, pain in her back, irritated more when seated.  So lucky me, now I get to experience it.

What to do? I know the drill but here’s the thing, pain causes your brain to stop working and go into panic mode.  Pain is an all-encompassing feeling the overrides everything.  So I layed on my yoga mat, did some stretches and massaged all the areas I could reach to try to get the spasm to release me from its grip.  It eased up some but still would cramp for the rest of the day when I least expected it to.

I tried to get a massage but the only person I trust right now wasn’t available for two more days so in the meantime I iced, took ibuprofen and continued to stretch and massage the areas and worked on trigger points with my golf ball and of course used my super TeaTree Sports Rub.

Today, being the next day I felt a lot better but still the wincing on certain occasions, felt like a rib was out (not completely of course but they do deviate from the insertion points at times and definitely wreak some havoc on the surrounding musculature).

I stretched, massaged the areas and then decided to work out because in my opinion nothing helps muscles more than heating them up – sweating is key and getting oxygen a movement back into my body.  Of course the last thing I really wanted to do was exercise, I would have much rather go back to bed, feel sorry for myself and wallow in my pain.  But I already know from experience how valuable exercise is and how much better I would feel.

I popped in the Core Synergistics P90X DVD — since my back was the issue right now I thought it made sense to work on my core which obviously wasn’t doing its job correctly when I bent down to get something out of my cabinet.

Halfway through the DVD, during the super-man banana sequence I decided to do a side-lying twist stretch – immediately a couple cracks in my spine and I felt immediate relief from pain and when I reached back to feel my QL muscle it was soft again and no longer in spasm.  I had just received a fantastic Chiropractic adjustment from myself.  My body reset itself.

After a couple more segments I did a cat stretch and the last pop happened, this time my rib I think and even more relief.  My back pain was completely gone, just a little soreness on the areas I had been massaging deeply to relieve the trigger points.

I am always amazed when this happens and so thankful to know how valuable exercise, stretching and sweating are to maintaining ease within my body.

Of course I’m still going to get my massage in Kihei tomorrow only now I will enjoy it much more.  The injury is resolved and now the massage will work to flush the remaining tension out of my system.

I wish I could convey this message to more people.  Rest is good for injuries but sometimes a little sweat and exercise work a lot better.

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