It’s a long way to 2021…

During this year’s pandemic I tried to be productive and I was. To my relief I actually did follow through on a project I have been wanting to complete for a very long time.

Can you guess what it was? The answer is in the photo, have a look.


What’s your guess?

No, I didn’t meet some handsome dude and we didn’t stare creepily into each others eyes while sitting in the back of my car.

Nope, I didn’t stock up on plaid blankets.

Yes – you guessed it.  I wrote a book and you can too if you want to.  There’s still time to get started on your dream of writing a book. If you want to succeed like I did then I highly suggest you check out the twelve week book course I used to get it done!

In addition to the twelve week book course with Dr. Richard Nongard I used hypnosis with a Hypnotherapist and self hypnosis as an on-going process. And now I bet you’re a little bit curious about what exactly hypnosis is.

What are you waiting for? I know you have a story you’re wanting to tell and Now is the Best time to get to writing it.

Here’s a link to my book on Amazon if you’re interested in checking it out.

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