How good is your power of Self-Suggestion?

Do you know how well your power of self-suggestion is working? Is it working to your detriment or to your success.?

Here is a little test you can try which only takes a few minutes. You can either listen to the audio and try it or read the text below.

For the double whammy do both ways and you can see whether you’re more audio or visually oriented.

Ready? Enjoy the experience.

You may be surprised at how skilled you are at self-suggestion – try the audio now

if you’re skipping the audio game go ahead and continue ready the text to determine how your power of self-suggestion is working for you.

Are you wondering if you can be hypnotized? Are you skeptical about the whole process of hypnosis and hypnotherapy?


Try this little test having to do with the yawn which is something everyone does every day.

The test is short and will only take a few minutes.

Imagine being in a completely relaxed, comfortable position.

Now that you have found yourself in a completely relaxed comfortable position. Your neck muscles are relaxing and your head may feel as if it is floating on a beautiful fountain of water. All the tension in your face is draining down and out through your jaw muscles. Of course you’re not eating anything at the moment so perhaps your mouth may open slightly as your jaw muscles relax even a little bit more and more.

Now many people visualize a yawn one way and someone else may simply have to repeat the word yawn to themselves silently in order to start yawning. Perhaps you are one who merely has to read the word yawn to find yourself experiencing a wonderfully relaxing yawn.

Maybe you are one of the people who simply sees a picture of a person yawning and begins to experience a yawn for themselves.

When we become deeply relaxed our subconscious mind begins to take over and soon you may find yourself in a series of yawns and may even discover the urge to stretch or perhaps let out an audible sigh.

I’m not sure how yawning will happen for you.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Perhaps you just yawned as you looked at the image of the man leaning back from his computer screen yawning and stretching.

Or did YOU just lean back from your computer screen yawning and stretching?

Imagine yourself beginning to feel more and more relaxed as you begin slowly and without effort to make a mental picture of yawning. You don’t even need to try at all to think of yawning. It may take several minutes but soon you will find yourself yawning.

You may now begin to picture others yawning or you may see yourself yawning or you maybe you simply hear the word yawn pop into your head repeatedly. I’m not sure when it is that you will find yourself yawning but it may be soon that you find yourself in the middle of a big huge yawn.

If you have yawned or are finding yourself in the middle of a yawn then you have successfully experienced how your self suggestion power is working for you.

If you did not yawn that simply means your power of self suggestion was not working in this instance or simply may need a little more time and relaxation to respond. This is not a bad thing at all. You are most likely not easily swayed in any direction. It also may mean that if your trying to use affirmations or switch something up in your life and are having a difficult time to make the changes you desire. This disconnect with your power of self suggestion may be one of the causes for your road block to the change you desire.

One way you can train your subconscious to respond to your power of self suggestion is by using hypnosis.

Using hypnosis is fun and easy.

Using hypnosis in your life can be done several ways:

Hypnosis is a purely natural state of being when the conscious mind is subdued and the subconscious mind is optimally receptive to receiving positive input. It is most likely the most powerful and effective tool for aligning both your conscious and subconscious mind towards a desired change. 

It is a quick, effective and drug free way to improve your life and reach the deepest state of relaxation that you could ever imagine.

If you are curious if hypnotherapy may be the right fit for you continue further reading through my website and contact me for a free consultation.

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