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The other day I was looking for someone to get a Massage session from.  Actually, more than just any old Massage session.  I was in pain and needed to find someone who actually knew what they were doing, was passionate and skilled in the work and was not just going to lather me up with oil and cream.

I have become extremely picky and apprehensive when choosing a Bodyworker or Massage therapist.  I’m not interested in the pampering that resort spas on Maui offer (although if I had an excess of money I definitely would be a regular).

After years of working in the profession I am reticent to go to a school clinic or a fairly new practitioner, my first requirement when choosing a Bodyworker is that they have been working in this field for preferably longer than I have and are continually taking classes and refining their skills.  Second, will they give 110% in the session – this is always the gamble.

You get what you pay for when choosing a Massage Therapist and I will pay for quality work.  How do you know it will be quality work?  That’s the tricky part.  I look for years of experience and carefully look at the schools and teachers they have studied with and which modalities they offer.  Do they LOVE being a massage therapist or is it just another J O B to them.  Why do they do it.  Are they scattered in a million different directions and this is just a hobby or source of income for them.  If it is their career choice because of a love and belief in the work then it will usually be an awesome session.

The modalities (styles of Bodywork) they offer will give you an idea of their strength and knowledge of the various body system.

My favorite Massage Therapists are in Los Angeles – when booking with them I am certain it’s going to be great – always.  On Maui, I’m still looking for my go-to Bodyworkers.  I had gone to one for a CranioSacral session which was awesome so I decided to go to her for my Massage – Gloria Garrett.  The Massage turned out to be just what I needed to help alleviate my back pain and get rid of much un-needed stress.

I will continue to try other Bodyworkers here on Maui.  I prefer to have several people I get work from so that no one gets stuck in a rut of just doing the same thing over and over.

The search is still on for additional great Massage therapists and Bodyworkers on Maui.




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