Virtual Hypnosis

Welcome to the future where most everything can be had in an instant and connected to you via the internet.

Some say this is a bad thing, and perhaps it is in many situations but for Hypnotherapy sessions it is truly awesome.

Remember, hypnosis is a tool which is delivered by words. A trained hypnotherapists voice can guide you on your way to successfully reaching your goals sooner than you may have consciously imagined.

A full body massage given by hand needs to be done in person. The more I study and practice hypnotherapy the more I’m realizing full relaxation comes about through the mind first.

Modern day Social Distancing during pandemic times creates zero conflict for virtual hypnotherapy. It is unnecessary for you to be in the same room as your hypnotherapist, you can do hypnosis sessions in person if you like but Virtual Hypnotherapy Sessions work equally as well.

I have received Hypnosis sessions in person, via Skype and using the app Zoom. I can honestly tell you all three ways were very positive and achieved results for me. I even received a few sessions in my car by using my Verizon mobile hot spot and iPad! Which was equally great and helpful.

I suggest you try what will work best for you and is most convenient. For me personally, I really prefer receiving sessions virtually rather than in person but everyone will have his or her own preference.

So if you like the comfort of your own space minus the hassle of driving anywhere or there is a pandemic going on, give a Virtual Video to Video Hypnotherapy session a try.

Skype, Zoom and even Google Hangouts are the three most common methods used for video hypnosis sessions but I’m sure a new one is being created at this very moment by some twelve year old somewhere.

Haleakala Maui
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