Releasing unwanted behaviors or habits

“When you believe yourself to be master of your thoughts, you become so.”

– Émile Coué, French psychologist & pharmacist who introduced “Conscious Autosuggestion”

A habit is something we do almost on an unconscious level. Smoking, drinking coffee, eating sugar, exercising in the morning, reading before going to sleep, going for a walk after dinner these and a million other actions can be considered habits. And many times habits are strung together to form a routine.

And not all habits are “bad” so if you think you have a “bad” habit switch it to a “good” one. Easy right? Not always for everyone.

So let’s say I want to get rid of the coffee habit and switch to the exercise in the morning habit instead. Let’s say my current routine is: I get up, feed the cats, drink some water, start the coffee and go pee. An habitual routine I can do with my eyes closed. Now if I want to change up this routine to: I get up, feed the cats, drink some water, go pee and exercise. I can change this routine by many methods and it most likely will not be so difficult. After about twenty one days my new habit will successfully be integrated as my new morning routine.

But what if I can’t? What if it’s too hard to change the habit? What if, for some unknown reason I’ve completely failed and am unable to change this habit? This is where a few hypnotherapy sessions for habit control may come in very handy for changing this habit out for good. The control of the habit may be seated in your subconscious mind. Using hypnosis either self guided or with a trained hypnotherapist may be the deciding factor for how you may successfully be rid of a habit or behavior you no longer consciously desire to have.

The archaic definition of a habit is that a habit is “dress, attire”. This archaic definition is interesting to me because I never really thought of myself as clothing myself in my habits! Which is exactly what we all do. Most likely, people see us for the accumulation of habits that we all are.

Read that last sentence again. Think about that for a second or two.

Are you looking to ditch some unsavory habits and are struggling with the task? I highly suggest using hypnotherapy sessions either from a trained hypnotherapist or using self hypnosis to clean up your habit attire. The effects will be lasting and most likely not as difficult to change as you thought they would be.

Here are some habits I hear a lot of people wanting to change, you may have some of these habits yourself and are looking for hypnosis to help change the habit. Good idea. Give hypnotherapy a try, you will be surprised how effective it is.

  • I want to stop eating sweets before I go to bed.
  • I want to sleep earlier, wake up earlier and exercise every morning.
  • I want to get more things done in the day.
  • I need to quit biting my nails before my wedding.
  • I must get into the habit of exercising more regularly.
  • I need to eat healthier.
  • My wife says I need to stop cracking my knuckles and my neck.
  • I need to stay focused at work and off of social media
  • I want to adopt the habit of being more positive thinking.
  • I want to meditate regularly.
  • I want to be happier overall (happiness is a habit don’t ya know)
  • I want ________fill in the blank_______________________

What’s your habit or unwanted behavior that you would like to change? Or what positive habit do you want to integrate into your life? A few Hypnotherapy sessions can most likely give you that extra shove in the right direction that you’ve been craving.

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