Hello, my name is Laura Cavanaugh and I finally completed writing and publishing a book by using the power of positive hypnosis. Do you want to try using hypnosis to reach one of your goals? Keep reading for more information Or if you want to get started immediately using hypnosis to help you reach your goals call or text me 808-264-8643

After years of wanting to publish a book I finally did it! 

I have completed book one and am now working on book two in the series.

Do you have a goal you would like to achieve? Hypnosis can help. I know this to be true because I have used it myself for many things besides writing.

Keep reading and see how hypnosis can help you.

"A goal without a date is just a dream." -Milton H. Erickson

Did you know that you already have in your possession the most powerful tool to move you forward towards achieving your idea of success?

Hypnosis – the most powerful tool you already own.

Have you ever been Hypnotized?

Can you be Hypnotized?

Does Hypnotherapy work?

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

Hypnosis is a state we all experience every day.  Repeatedly day in and day out. Marketing campaigns, social media apps, mini-series, video games, overloaded news stories etc. successfully hypnotize us by overloading the conscious mind and deftly dropping their message into our unsuspecting subconscious minds.

We routinely either unknowingly or knowingly hypnotize ourselves for positive or sometimes, unfortunately and rarely on purpose for negative results. A well produced movie may allow you to lose yourself in the story, the “dream time.” And every evening we, all of us, wade through the delicious hypnagogic state of drowsiness before sleep.

Are you wondering if you can be hypnotized? Are you skeptical about the whole process of hypnotherapy?

Perfect. You are an excellent candidate for having successful results with the powerful tool of positive hypnosis.

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Popular uses for Hypnosis

plus many more not listed

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Weight Loss

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Fears and Phobias

crush the negative

My book is Available on Amazon

What a fascinating read. The author managed to take the reader from the present moment with the well-developed characters into an intriguing world of past lives. The main character, Sarah, goes on multiple journeys to help her understand her life, particularly current relationships. This is the kind of book that leads to epic discussions among friends, like in a book club. I highly recommend this author. Buy the book, you'll love it!
Great new author. This isn't a genre I would normally pick up but I found myself immediately intrigued. It's a great introduction to hypnosis as well ,I found myself wanting to research more. I can't wait for the next book to come out.
Kindle Customer
available on Amazon
Laura V. Cavanaugh

My New Book!

Drifting and Floating Toward Mu.
The first in a series of fiction books.

Spurred on by her past life hypnosis sessions our heroine embarks on a journey to find her soul mate….

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How good is your power of Self-Suggestion?

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You Are Special Today

Use some positive affirmations. And these positive affirmations become even more powerful when you drop them into your subconscious mind when you reach a state of deep relaxation. As soon as you reach a deep state of relaxation, after a series of three deep breathes at the end of Shavasana while practicing your daily meditation...

Virtual Hypnosis is untouchable during Social Distancing rules.

Hypnosis is a tool which is delivered by words. A trained hypnotherapist uses words to guide you on your way to successfully reaching your goals sooner than you may have consciously imagined. Modern day Social Distancing during pandemic times creates zero conflict for virtual hypnotherapy.

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