And you will find… the more you relax… the more your subconscious will reveal… all the answers you are looking for…

“It is really amazing what people can do. Only they don’t know what they can do.”

-Milton Erickson, revered American psychiatrist who specialized in medical hypnosis and family therapy

Laura Cavanaugh offers Pure Hypnotherapy Sessions in person or Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions via Skype or Zoom.

Hypnotherapy for good Blended with Mobile Massage, CranioSacral, Reiki or Reflexology is offered island wide on Maui, Hawaii 


“This sounds like a crazy idea. Why would I want to be hypnotized while getting a Massage?”

Because you are so relaxed while receiving a massage it is the perfect time to allow your subconscious mind to receive some positive affirmations through hypnotic suggestion. The more you relax and use hypnosis for good the better you will find your body changing for the better in all areas, body and mind.

In fact. You may not have realized this but in this past you may have already been hypnotized while receiving a massage. “What?!”

Yes.  It is true.

Because you have been so relaxed during a massage… and a massage therapist has told you how “tight” your muscles are… and it was at a particular moment of your deep relaxed time on the table… your subconscious mind has now accepted this supposed “tightness” as your new normal. 

Sounds crazy I know (and a little unethical).  But many a massage therapist does not know the why’s and how’s of the workings of the subconscious mind (or they do and are just using this as a marketing tool to get you to re-book for sessions).

Think about that for a moment.

Thankfully, in my basic massage training course in 1996 my teachers spent a lot of time teaching us fledgling masseuses never to tell people how “tight” or “bad” their body was most especially never during their massage session. My teachers taught repetitively why it was so very important what we say to clients during their massage session and to do only good for the client.

Unfortunately, this may not be taught so strictly in every Massage School. I hear the following all too often from people on my table.  A client will tell me that the last time they had a massage their massage therapist told them they had the tightest muscles they had ever seen.  This is horrible! From all the years of study I have taken, I have learned that the least effective and most incorrect way to determine muscle tightness is through touch alone. The only way to tell true muscle tightness is to go through a series of muscle resistance tests both standing and on the the table.

It is however possible for a masseuse to feel areas of congestion, heat or fibrotic tissue on the body so don’t misunderstand me, there is a lot to be learned through touch.  But please! I beg of you please be mindful of what you allow your subconscious mind to receive while on the massage table.

The more you allow a massage therapist to tell you your muscles are “tight” the more you will begin to believe that all your muscles are “tight”.  Are you beginning to get my point about utilizing hypnosis for good.

I understand completely why you would be skeptical about what I am saying. And I can assure you wholeheartedly that hypnosis for good is the only method I subscribe to.

Hypnotherapy for good combined with massage is not a crazy idea at all.  In fact if you give it a try you will see for yourself how much more effective the therapeutic massage will be. You will be shocked at how your body will respond and how you will reach a new depth of relaxation you never ever knew existed in yourself. 

Because you are so relaxed you can go for it and make a concrete change in your subconscious behavior system. 

For example, do you have some sort of chronic pain spot which just never goes away no matter how much digging, prodding and poking (hammering) is focused on it?  Hypnotherapy focused toward the goal of releasing this supposed knot combined with some deep tissue or myofascial release may be just the tool that has been missing in the past.  Hypnotherapy along with some bodywork may be the winning combination which can help to ameliorate this nagging pain once and for all.

Or maybe you are trying to shed some fat cells while you’re on your Maui Vacation.  It is quite seamless to integrate some Hypnotherapy in with your Massage or Bodywork session.   Every suggestion becomes even more magnified in power as you can really feel your tissues changing throughout the massage and your cells following the directions to coincide with a faster metabolism, increased energy for exercise etc. Or improve your performance in a sport, golf perhaps.  Visualize yourself achieving some sort of personal goal you have set for yourself.  The list is vast and I can help you streamline it, the subconscious mind likes specificity.

I can go on and on about Hypnotherapy for good but that will begin to bore you perhaps even put you into a hypnotic trance…

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